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Subsequently says the Master, your Savior, and the person who framed you from the belly, “I, the Ruler, am the producer of all things, Loosening up the sky without anyone else And spreading out the earth isolated, Making the signs of blowhards fizzle, Deceiving of seers, Making savvy men step back And transforming their insight into absurdit

When they state to you, “Counsel the mediums and the spiritists who murmur and mumble,” ought not a people counsel their God? Would it be advisable for them to counsel the dead for the living

“Be that as it may, these two things will come on you abruptly in one day: Loss of youngsters and widowhood They will come on you in full measure disregarding your numerous magic works, despite the incredible intensity of your spells. “You had a sense of safety in your fiendishness and stated, ‘Nobody sees me,’ Your insight and your insight, they have misled you; For you have said in your heart, ‘I am, and there is nobody other than me.’ “Yet shrewdness will come on you Which you won’t realize how to engage away; And calamity will fall on you For which you can’t make amends; And obliteration about which you don’t realize Will come on you abruptly 꽁머니추천

“Stand quick now in your spells And in your numerous magic works With which you have toiled from your childhood; Maybe you will have the option to benefit, Maybe you may cause trembling. “You are wearied with your numerous guidance; Let now the crystal gazers, The individuals who forecast by the stars, The individuals who foresee by the new moons, Stand up and spare you from what will happen upon you.

“You will be exemplary before the Master your God. “For those countries, which you will seize, tune in to the individuals who practice black magic and to seers, however with respect to you, the Ruler your God has not permitted you to do as such.

‘Try not to go to mediums or spiritists; don’t search them out to be debased by them. I am the Ruler your God.

‘With respect to the individual who goes to mediums and to spiritists, to play the prostitute after them, I will likewise set My face against that individual and will cut him off from among his kin.’ (Leviticus 20:6)

‘Consequently says the Master GOD, “Hardship to the ladies who sew enchantment groups on all wrists and make cloak for the heads of people of each stature to chase down lives! Will you chase down the lives of My kin, yet protect the lives of others for yourselves?

“At the point when you enter the land which the Ruler your God gives you, you will not figure out how to impersonate the wretched things of those countries. “There will not be found among you any individual who makes his child or his little girl go through the fire, one who utilizes divination, one who rehearses black magic, or one who deciphers signs, or an alchemist, or one who does magic, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead.

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